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Skills Examiners

What are Skills Examiners?
Skills Examiners are people who have completed the online certification test, are qualified in the position they are supervising and authorized by the Ky Wing Director of Emergency Services.

What can Skills Examiners do?
Skills Examiners evaluate people on Emergency Services specialty tasks. They are the only people who are permitted to sign the Familiarization Tasks and the Advanced Training Tasks.

If I complete the online test, am I a Skills Examiner?
No.  Completing the online test means you have completed the SET program.

How do I know who is an Authorized Skills Examiner?
Anyone qualified in the specialty you are training in can be a SET if they have completed the certification test and the DOS approves. Simply ask if unsure.

Who trains people in ES Specialties?
Anyone qualified in the ES Specialty may train other persons in that specialty.  Training must be conducted in accordance with CAPR 60-3 and the applicable Task Book.  The person conducting the training cannot sign off the tasks on the SQTR. An Authorized Skills Examiner must evaluate the trainee in accordance with CAPR 60-3, CAPR 60-4, and the applicable Task Book. A SET can sign off the SQTR as each task is completed and evaluated.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is very important in the Emergency Services world.  It is important to continue to enhance our skills in order to better serve those we wish to help and to better assist our teammates.  Below are links to different agencies that offer different types of training that may be useful to CAP ES personnel.  Please report dead links to the webmaster.

FEMA Emergency Management Institute Independent Study Courses
Home study courses relating to Emergency Management that are free.

National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) Training Schedule
Schedule of NASAR courses.

Online SAR Training Magazine and Info Source

KY Division of Emergency Management Training
Training page containing information of events that are normally open to KY Wing members.

American Red Cross
The American Red Cross offers First Aid and CPR training that is valuable to CAP members.


Specialty Qualification Training Records (SQTR’s)

SQTRs should be downloaded from the Print Blank Worksheet page in the Emergency Services Section of the NHQ Operations Qualification (OpsQual) application in eServices.

REMEMBER: NO new Specialty Rating will be approved without the appropriate documentation uploaded into OpsQual.  This includes original signed off SQTRs as well as certificates of completion for any ICS course taken (ie: 100, 200, 300, 400, 700 & 800)

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