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Aerospace Education Reports

Providing Aerospace Education reports is a method of recording Aerospace Education program actions at the squadron, wing, and region levels.

Annual Aerospace Education Activity Report

Annual Aerospace Education Activity Report – click here to download

The Squadron AEO completes the Squadron AE Activity Report form found in CAPP 15.  Use the report form to determine what information is needed, gather the information, fill in the needed information, sign and obtain the signature of the Squadron Commander and submit the report to the Wing Director of Aerospace (DAE).  The Squadron AE Activity Report is due to the Wing DAE by 15 October of each year.  Be sure to include all documentation that should accompany the report.  Please keep a copy of your report for your records.

Forward completed Annual AE Activity Report to the Wing DAE by 15 October.

Aerospace Education Plan of Action

A Plan of Action (POA) is a yearly plan for conducting Aerospace Education. The POA can be completed online or it may be accomplished by hard copy, using formats in CAPP 15, Aerospace Education Officers’ Handbook, click here for sample POA – CAPP 15, page 27.

You will find the online version much easier and less time consuming.

The online Squadron AE POA can be found on eServices.  Look on the left side of the main page if you are using the old eServices, possibly under OTHER or look in the AE section if you are using the new eServices.  Read and follow the instructions on the Home Page.  The squadron’s AEO will find the form to be very self explanatory.  Squadron AEOs should discuss their POA with the Squadron Commander and then obtain the commander’s approval prior to submission.  The commander’s approval will be indicated at the top of the form. Please note that after you SUBMIT your online POA, you will not be allow to make changes.

The squadron POA is to be completed on-line or a hard copy forwarded to the Wing Director of Aerospace Education by 15 October.

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