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Mentor Program

Kentucky Wing Mentor Program

The purpose of the Kentucky Wing Mentoring Program is to provide mentors to Auxiliary Airmen across the wing who may not have access to a mentor in their chosen field at the squadron or group level.

Why a Mentor?

  • To complete Level 3, an adult member must mentor a new member through Level 1; this should be accomplished at the squadron level
  • To complete Level 5, an adult member must mentor a member through the Technician rating in a Specialty Track
  • To earn Level II, a member must have achieved a Technician Rating
  • To earn Level III – the Loening Award – achieve a Senior Rating
  • To earn Level IV – the Garber Award – achieve a Master Rating

Mentors are experienced and trusted advisors who provide guidance, support and advice directly relevant to your chosen role. A Mentor will help you feel more confident in your selected specialty track, giving you a stronger sense of purpose within the organization.

To Become A Mentor:

1) You must hold a Senior or Master rating in the Specialty Track;
2) Mentors should review CAPP 40-7 and complete the Mentor Training Slide Presentation on the Education and Training page of the National website prior to application to the program;
3) Fill out the Google form to be added to the Mentor list;
4) Be available to your Mentee;
5) Notify Mentor Coordinator when relationship is established; and,
6) Provide documentation/feedback when cycle is complete.

To Request A Mentor:

1) You must currently be enrolled in a Specialty Track;
2) Pick a Mentor from the list and initiate contact through the email address provided;
3) Be available to your Mentor;
4) Provide feedback to the Mentor Coordinator when cycle is complete.


For any other questions about mentorship please contact the Mentor Coordinator - Lt Col Mike Wendlegast,

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