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2023 KYWG Summer Encampment

2023 Kentucky Wing Summer Encampment
25 June - 1 July 2023

Harold Disney Training Center - Artemus, KY

Application for Cadet Students & Staff are now closed 

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Basic Encampment: Required of cadets in order to achieve the Billy Mitchell Award, the basic encampment provides the following:
Air Force Fundamentals (Structure & Mission of the USAF, Aerospace Power, Aerospace Heritage)
Civil Air Patrol Fundamentals (Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, Cadet Program)
Leadership and the Cadet Ethic (Character Development, Physical Fitness, Drill & Ceremonies, Creative Thinking)
Aerospace Career Exploration (Career Opportunities, Career Requirements, and Counseling). 

Cadets must achieve the Curry Achievement prior to attending the basic encampment.  This must be recorded in e-Services prior to arrival at Encampment.

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