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Breakout Session Descriptions

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Aerospace Education

KC-135A Experience

Capt. Paul Moran

Learn the importance of the aerial refueling mission plus the fuel offload, cargo capabilities, and range. Discuss the aircraft’s development from the Boeing 367-80 prototype to the B-707 and KC-135A as well as its impact in Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm and its role in nuclear alert with B-52 bombers.


Cadet Programs and Interest

Breaking the Mold – A Lesson in Cadet Leadership

C/Maj. Kathryn Stanford

Learn leadership expectations of both Cadet Commanders and cadet officers through the personal experience of a cadet. Tips and tricks to improve yourself as a Cadet Commander, cadet officer, and as a cadet will also be discussed along with an active leadership philosophy.


Cadet Advisory Committee (CAC)

Lt. Col. Karen Hursh



Cadet Flying in CAP

Capt. Michael Proussard

C/Lt. Col. Meagan Miller

This session will address various ways cadets can become involved in aircrew operations beyond orientation flights. In addition to flight academies and the Cadet WINGS program, cadets who turn 18 can become Mission Scanners, Mission Observers and perform many other aircrew-related Emergency Services duties.


Cadet NCO Responsibilities

SMSgt. Doug Cordova

If you are a new Cadet NCO or are getting ready to promote, let’s talk! Cadet NCOs assist the cadet commander, and squadron commander as needed, in all areas of training, leadership, mentoring junior airmen and mission readiness. They support squadron goals to ensure all cadets are properly trained in ES and AE, as well as drill, customs and courtesies and uniform guidelines. You have a job. Get tips to do it to the best of your ability.


Cadet to Wings

Maj. Jim Oliver

Have a cadet who wants to be a pilot? With a new program and new funding, let’s fly! Learn how you can support your cadets to take full advantage of this amazing free program!! No yoke, it’s free!


Careers in Aviation Panel

Panel members will share their training and experience in a variety of aviation career fields. Careers represented include commercial, cargo and corporate pilot; commercial flight attendant; Air Traffic Control; maintenance; meteorology and propulsion engineer.


Careers in the Cyber World

There is more to CAP Cyber than CyberPatriot! Panel members from several cyber disciplines will discuss their training and careers. Learn what Cyber paths CAP has available as well as what you need to do to pursue a Cyber career.


Now What? After the Cadet Program

1st. Lt. William von Brandenburg

Learn how to leverage your CAP experience/achievements into greater success post-CAP.  During the session you will be introduced to the six general career paths you can begin after high school. Specifics of how to best use CAP experiences to enhance success in each of the paths will be discussed in detail. Want to become a senior member? We’ll talk about that transition, too.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Understanding Prejudice and Racism Panel

Maj. Janet Bryant

Join a panel of subject matter experts to help us with understanding prejudice and racism.  We will have open honest discussions across several platforms with people who have personally dealt with prejudice and racism. These will include but not be limited to disabilities and special needs, race or ethnicity, and religion. The more you know.


Emergency Services

Behind the Scene – Mission Base

1st. Lt. Phil Harris

Ever wondered how a real mission is managed, or about how taskings are assigned and tracked? It is often hard to connect the training we work hard at, with the true missions we serve. In this session I'll recount my experience as a new Air Operations Branch Director who was involved in the recent missing helicopter search near Mammoth Caves and help you see how we all play a part in the Search and Rescue mission.


Expanding SAR Capabilities at your Squadron

Maj. Ian Burkett

As everything around us evolves, so should the techniques and training we utilize for Search and Rescue.  This presentation will cover new and innovative ways to train, new capabilities you can utilize when it comes to SAR planning, and new technology available to CAP for SAR Missions.


Google Forms for Missions

1st. Lt. Chris Huntington

Crew Resource Management begins with the signup phase for a mission or SAREX.  This has historically been a difficult undertaking full of manual work and emails.  There is a better way of accomplishing this, using a no-code solution that allows for crew to sign up and then be assigned by Mission staff.  A new way to use Google forms to our advantage!


Partnering With the Kentucky Air National Guard

Brig. Gen. David Mounkes, KyANG

General Mounkes will share his experiences working with CAP in the last two Kentucky emergency responses. He will also talk about Kentucky’s current direction for Air Response, and share a little insight about the KYANG and its mission and organization.


sUAS Opportunities in CAP & Case Study: Goshen,OH Tornadoes

Capt. Dave Pinella
Training and Leadership opportunities in small Unmanned Aircraft Systems in CAP will be discussed. From the SQTR to in-the-field training for Technician and Mission Pilot to Instructor and Check Pilot. In addition, an sUAS case study, ground and drone photographic documentation of the July 2022 tornado in Goshen Ohio, will presented.


Working with County EMAs 

Maj. Ian Burkett

Do you currently work with your County Emergency Management?  Do you know who your EM Staff is, and do they know who you are?  Do you know how you can help your County EM?  If you answered no to any of the three questions, then we need to sit down and chat.  The County EM in your area could have so many things your squadron could assist with, and in turn your cadets get great exposure to a role they may want to hold in the future.


Working with KYEM

Maj. Ian Burkett

This session will cover the relationship that KYWG has not only with KYEM, but also the Department of Military Affairs that KYEM falls under.  We will discuss the opportunities we currently have during state missions, and also how our role is expanding within the state.  Lastly we will discuss the extensive training opportunities available from KYEM and how to take advantage of them.



Disney Does Finance, Too!

Capt. Paula Sandford

Best practices for squadron finance will give participants an insight into the basics of CAP finance at the squadron level drawing from a combination of education, personal experience, external references, and CAP regulations/requirements. Discussion will include some of the common pitfalls new senior members and/or Squadron Finance Officers may encounter. 



Growing and Maturing Through Challenges and Setbacks

C/Lt. Col. Meagan Miller

This session will discuss how challenges and setbacks occur in life, and how to use those experiences to improve and become a stronger person and leader. Tips on ways to overcome challenges and how to move on, as well as how challenges may affect a you, both positively and negatively. Attendees are encouraged to participate in the discussion.


Healthy Living

Maj. (Dr.) Steve Warrick

We will talk about physical health (diet, exercise, sleep, etc) as well as social/emotional health (healthy relationships, support systems, reaching out for help when needed) so you can be a better and healthier you. Discussion will also include the effects of electronics use on health and how not to over do it!



50 Years of the Cadet Program

The cadet program has seen many changes over the years. Join former cadets from the 1960s through the 2000s as they share their cadet experience and stories. Living history! 


Gen. Benjamin O. Davis

Maj. Jim Oliver

An American with Excellence, Integrity, and Respect. Once you learn more about the person, you will wear your Davis ribbon with pride beyond that of your Level II accomplishment. Join for an in-depth look at the man behind the ribbon.


Women in Aviation

Crystal Korff, WIA

A look through history of female aviation pioneers: their accomplishments and contributions to the world of aircraft and flying.


Inspector General

What does IG even mean?

Lt. Col. Evan Harrod

An overview of the CAP IG Program.  Learn the scope of the program and the process for filing a complaint. Will cover recent changes to the IG Program.  Session will focus on the SUI process and how it affects squadrons including how squadron staff can prepare for the SUI. 



Award Writing Made Easy

Lt. Col. Eric Milles

Would you like to demystify the awards writing and submission process? With the right resources and a little preparation, you can write packets for members that will help them become national award recipients. It’s easier than you think!


Engaging Cadets

Capt. Pam Miller

Discussion will focus on various ways of keeping lessons interesting and engaging for cadets.  What cadets are looking for, how they would like to have lessons presented, and why they continue to come week after week will be among the topics.  Come prepared to share successful lessons you have led and to learn best practices from others. 


Preparing for Squadron Commander

Lt. Col. Karen Hursh

Maj. Phil Danhauer

The best position in CAP! Being a squadron commander is the most rewarding, and likely difficult, position in CAP. Talk with successful current commanders and learn what is takes to run a squadron and do it well. Session will include discussion of command requirements as well as best practices for command.


Squadron NCO Responsibilities

SMSgt. Doug Cordova

NCOs and Commanders both can benefit from the CAP NCO program. Learn what to do and how to use the squadron NCO to support the decision making process and further squadron goals. NCOs assist the Squadron Commander in all areas of training, leadership, mission readiness and cadet mentoring. We will also discuss how to recruit NCOs into CAP. 


Wing Staff Position Overview

Wing Staff Presenters

Interested in a wing staff position? Want to know more about what your squadron or group position does at the wing level? Just want to know who is who and put a face to a name? Join these sessions to meet wing staffers and learn how they support you and the mission.


Writing and Scoring SDAs

Maj. Richard Henson

The Staff Duty Analysis is a wonderful tool – required for cadet officer promotion, but also a great way to learn how senior members are supporting the squadron. Cadets will learn how to properly write a SDA and senior members will learn how to effectively grade them.




Maj. (Dr.) Steve Warrick

This session is intended for BOTH pilot and non-pilot aircrew members.  Foreflight is one of the most commonly used applications by aircrew and can be a valuable resource.   The session will review some common Foreflight uses and tips.  We will demonstrate how to use Foreflight for setting up specific points along a route, and using Foreflight as a resource for entering and flying the different CAP Search Patterns.  This will be an interactive session with sharing by presenters and attendees, so it is recommended if possible to bring an Ipad or Iphone along for use during the session. 


FAA Safety – WINGS Program

Lt. Col. George Stinson

Did you know you can claim FAA WINGS credit for a Form 5 or Form 91 check ride? For a flight review? Learn what the FAA WINGS program is, how to sign up and how to couple it to CAP Ops Quals in eservices so WINGS Phases are automatically entered. This session is geared to those members holding current pilot qualifications.


Professional Development

Education and Training through Volunteer University

Lt. Col. Michael Bryant 

Come learn about how members can achieve their education and training goals through our modular-based program using a variety of modalities designed to meet the needs of all Civil Air Patrol members. Hear how you can get involved either as a student, an instructor, a course director, or in our national online and virtual programs. Designed for all senior members, ETOs/DETs, and those interested in becoming VolU instructors.


Recruiting and Retention

Recruiting and Retention at the Squadron Level

Capt. Nathan Gooch

Join the Kentucky Wing Director of Recruiting and Retention in designing your unit's recruiting plan of action. This seminar will walk you through step by step action items that will guide you through strategic planning to grow your squadron. Included will be marketing ideas and low cost strategies to build awareness of your unit in your local area. Please bring pen, paper and a computer, tablet or smartphone to better participate with the presentation.



CAPSIS – New Procedures in Safety

Maj. Sarah Belk

The new CAP Safety Information System will be covered. Learn how to access CAPSIS, understand the parameters of the system and how to correctly enter information.



Soft Bodied Robots

C/2d. Lt. Petrus Smal

We will focus on the uses, history, and advantages of soft bodied robots. Learn what makes a machine a robot, and how soft bodied technology is changing the world of robotics. We will also discuss various situations where a soft bodied bot will excel, where they will fail, and where more traditional robots are superior.

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