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Encampment Packing List

Ensure you read the packing list in its entirety and bring all listed items.  Use the check lines on the left to ensure you have packed everything. There is not a store available to purchase any of these items on site. It is encouraged that all items, including clothing, toiletries, and miscellaneous gear is to have last name, first initial, and CAPID written on it.

Clothing & Uniforms

___    CADETS, 2 ABU blouse with all required tapes & insignia
___    CADETS, 2 ABU pants
___    CADETS, 1 ABU belt (tan)
___    CADETS, 1 pair uniform boots
___    CADETS, 1 set blousing bands
___    CADETS, 5 tan tee shirts
___    CADETS, 5 pair Boot socks
___    CADETS, 1 S/S AF Blues Shirt with nametag, badges and rank only (no ribbons)
___    CADETS, 1 AF Blues pants / skirt
___    CADETS, 1 AF Blues flight cap
___    CADETS, 2 pair black drew socks
___    CADETS, 1 pair of black dress shoes
___    CADETS, 2 white V-neck t-shirts
___    CADETS, 1 AF Blues Belt w/silver buckle
___    SENIOR MEMBERS – Corporate Working Uniform (Polo, Grey Pants, Black Belt, Socks/Shoes)
___    SENIOR MEMBERS – Complete set of S/S Blues or CAP S/S Whites
___    CAP membership card – must carry with you at all times
___    CAPF-161 Emergency Contact—must carry with you at all times
___    1 pair gym shoes
___    7 sets of underwear
___    7 pair athletic socks
___    2 pairs gym shorts / pants
___    2 t-shirts (plain, no lettering)
___    1 laundry bag
___    1 ABU GORTEX Jacket, ABU Fleece Jacket or Personal Jacket (solid dark color)

Medical & Hygiene

___    7 day supply of all personal prescription medications
___    1 Individual First Aid Kit
___    2 bath towels, 1 wash cloths
___    Soap, shampoo
___    1 pair shower shoes
___    1 comb and/or brush
___    Toothbrush and toothpaste
___    Deodorant – Febreeze also recommended for clothing
___    Feminine hygiene products as appropriate

Additional Items

___     1 pocket-sized notebook, 3 pencils/ink pens
___     Shoe shine kit
___    Sleeping Bag
___    Pillow w/Pillow Case
___    All paperwork previously submitted for the activity

Contraband Items:

Any illegal substance, alcohol, tobacco, e-cig, vapor products
All knives, lighters, matches, fireworks
Weapons of any kind
Non-prescription drugs, herbs, supplements, etc.


Proper conduct is expected from all participants at all times, and persons not complying with the rules of the activity will be sent home at their own expense.

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