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Cadet NCO Leadership Course

The Kentucky Wing Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership Course (NCOLC) Class 001 will be held at the Owensboro National Guard Armory in Owensboro, KY from December 27, 2022 to January 1, 2023. The course is designed to provide you with knowledge and guidance on what is expected of a Civil Air Patrol cadet NCO, and that with rank comes the expectation of leadership.

During the course, you will be taught many different topics, such as how to lead a formation, how to conduct an inspection (uniform and barracks), mentoring junior cadets, the importance of learning the difference between leadership vs micromanagement, discipline vs abuse of power, customs and courtesies, how to lead drill, and much more. This course will give you the foundation of what is expected of an NCO, and teach you the basics to take back to your squadron and teach others; known as “Train the Trainer”. Following the course, there will be monthly mentoring sessions virtually to help you in your development, and to answer any questions that you have.

All of the Senior Member staff are former military, and NCOs in CAP as well. We are subject-matter experts and highly experienced, so you can rest assured that we know what we are teaching. Rank recognition is very important as you have most certainly earned it. Each cadet will be addressed as “Sergeant”, even if a Cadet Senior Airman. This is something that we believe in strongly, and feel it should be done. Likewise, we will enforce being addressed as Sergeant ourselves. Attention-to-detail is an important part of being an NCO and a leader.

Please arrive on time and be prepared to learn as classes start on the first day soon after arrival. You will find yourself being placed into a leadership position daily. Take that time to ask questions and learn everything you can. You are encouraged to ask questions any time you are not clear on something. Part of being a leader is learning and correcting mistakes. You can’t, in theory, teach something that you don’t know about. So, ask questions. Also, please remember that you will not have all of the answers and know what it is to be a leader, and you’re not expected to, and we understand that. Now is the time to make mistakes and learn from them.

Before arriving, please have (1) a 750-1,000-word essay on a leader of your choice. Include in this essay what made them a great leader, what leadership style do they exhibit, and a biography of the leader. The leader does not need to be an NCO, and (2) a 750-1000-word essay on any aerospace topic you wish. You will be presenting these essays in class. Also, please complete the Basic Instructor Course in Axis on Eservices. Go to Online learning, then Learning Management System, then “Go to Axis” in upper left. Look for “Basic Instructor Course” and click on it. Please have this done prior to arrival.

Below is a packing list to bring with you. These items will be inspected upon arrival to ensure you have them. Remember, attention-to-detail is important. You will arrive as a student, and leave as a leader and part of that is being able to follow basic instructions. If financial difficulties prevent you from obtaining some of these items, please let the instructor staff know and we can accommodate. Please indicate which items are not available.


Douglas Cordova MSgt CAP

NCOLS Packing List

(this is NOT the basic encampment packing list!)

CAPF 160 and 161 (completed and UPDATED). And CAPF 60-80 (As needed) CARRIED ON YOU AT ALL TIMES IN RIGHT BLOUSE POCKET. If emailed, we can provide you with a copy if needed.
Dress Blues uniform with flight cap and black shoes (jacket is encouraged, but not required) Slacks are authorized and encouraged for female cadets due to cold weather. Flight cap is required to include the cadet device.
ABU uniform (at least two if possible) with cover and belt
6 pair undergarments (male and female)
Black Boots
Boot blousing straps are highly encouraged
Black socks x 6
White socks x 6
Physical Fitness uniform of some sort (Some form of sweat pants, or jogging pants is required due to cold
weather) x 2. Black sweat pants/running pats and gray shirt if possible. If not, bring what you have. You
will be graded on leading PT, and will not be taking a PT test.
Running shoes
Shoe shine kit
Towel x 2
Shower shoes/flip-flop type sandals for showering
1 Highlighter, any color
Clothes hangers x 6 (we won’t know until we get there if these will be used).
White t-shirt x 3
Yellow rubber duck with sharpie mustache
3-ring binder w/ paper, ruler, and writing utensils
Pillow (You may bring two if needed)
Camelbak, canteen, or sports water bottle
Gloves (Cold weather)
Backpack or bag to carry laptop, binder, pens
Wool cap/beanie style cold weather cover (black or blue if possible)
Cold weather gear for outdoor activities (Fleece with name tapes if available. If not, bring what you can).
Laptop with power cord (OPTIONAL)
Masking tape or blue carpenters tape to write your name on laptop, bags, bunk. Please write down the
serial number for your laptop as well and keep it with you and a copy with your parents. We will also
make a copy as well.
Sharpie pen (Black if possible)
Laundry bag (string tie type preferred)
FEMALE CADETS: Feminine hygiene items, hair pins/rubber bands (as needed)
Cell phones ARE allowed, but not during class unless instructed. RINGER WILL BE OFF DURING CLASS.
Finger nail clippers (ALL CADETS)
Pocket notebook
Tie Tab (Females)
Tie (Males)
Hair within standards (males – faded and off the ears with NO MORE than 1 ¼ inches of bulk on top).
Clean shaven (Males)
A copy of Learn to Lead, book or paper copy (available online to print a copy)

1 Deodorant (travel size suggested)
1 Toothbrush
1 Toothpaste (travel size suggested)
1 Bar of soap in plastic container or body wash
1 Comb or brush as needed
1 Razor and shaving cream (travel size suggested) – Males only
1 Foot Powder
FULL RIBBON RACK (and all badges if applicable)
Name tag for dress blues
Reflective belt
Most important thing of all, a positive attitude!!!

Items NOT allowed
Weapons of any kind
Alcohol, drugs or tobacco of any type
Medication not prescribed to you (over-the-counter type is authorized with WRITTEN parental consent via CAPF 163)
Lighters or any flame producing item of any type

Optional Items allowed
Thumb drive
Snacks are allowed
Phone charger (not required, but HIGHLY encouraged). Some Android and IPhone chargers are available
Civilian clothing MAY be allowed for after classroom hours
*** If financial difficulties prevent purchases, please let us know so we can try to accommodate finding
these items. We do have some items available already at no charge for those that cannot provide their own.

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