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Assistance to State and Local Agencies

Civil Air Patrol can provide many types of assistance to state and local agencies.  Civil Air Patrol has been serving the Commonwealth for 75 years; performing missions to protect and aid the citizens during times of need. Today, Civil Air Patrol can provide many services at an affordable cost to you.  CAP regularly performs missions to assist with Disaster Relief and Search and Rescue.  Civil Air Patrol provides trained aircrews and aircraft.  Our aircraft cost a fraction of what it costs to operate helicopters.  CAP also provides trained ground search teams.  In addition, we can provide trained ICS-NIMS Qualified personnel that can coordinate and control operations for missions/incidents.  All of our personnel are volunteers, which greatly reduces the costs of our operations. Some of the services we can provide are:
  • An extensive nationwide radio communications network
  • Mobile communication equipment
  • Aerial reconnaissance
  • Air and ground transport of emergency personnel and equipment
  • Air and ground search and rescue
  • Disaster relief assistance
CAP can provide additional services as well.  To discuss these roles, please feel free to contact the wing Director of Emergency Services, Major Keith Clapp at (859) 652-6945.  If this is an emergency, call 888-211-1812 ext 300 to reach the CAP National Operations Center 24/7. The NOC is normally manned from 7:30 to 16:30 Central Time Monday through Friday, and then the phone rolls to a duty officer after hours. The NOC can also be reached via email at and via fax at 800-555-7902, but after normal duty hours emergency requests should be followed up with a call to the duty officer.

How do You get assistance?

First, you need to decide what sort of service you need and whether CAP is the correct organization to provide that service.  Once you make the decision that you want CAP service, you then must determine who to contact.

If you are a local government entity, you need to contact the KY State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at Boone Center in Frankfort.  The 24 Hour Duty Desk number for the EOC is 502-607-1638, 800-255-2587, and/or 502-564-7815.

The next step is to contact the appropriate agency to request CAP assistance.  For Search and Rescue call the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) at 757-764-8112 or 800-851-3051 (these numbers for emergencies only).  For disaster assistance contact the Air Force National Security Emergency Preparedness Agency (AFNSEP) at 800-366-0051 or 404-464-4342 during business hours.  If during off hours, page the duty officer at 800-688-1364 and wait 15 minutes.  If no response, contact the U.S. Forces Command (FORSCOM) Duty Desk at 404-464-5222.

These two agencies issue CAP a mission number that will allow us to assist you.  If you need further assistance or are unsure of who to contact, the state EOC has our Primary Alerting Roster.  You can also contact the wing ES Director above or the CAP National Operations Center (NOC) at 888-211-1812.

Our missions are normally funded by the federal government through an AFRCC or AFNSEP mission number.  Some of our missions are funded by the state or another agency.  The American Red Cross also has the ability to activate CAP for assistance.  Local Red Cross Chapters should contact the Red Cross national headquarters to learn how to do this.

If you have any questions on this, please contact the Wing ES Director. Staff Page

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