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KY Wing Staff Roster

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Commander Col Brian Schmuck
Vice Commander Lt Col Eric Milles
Adviser to the Commander Col Michael Cooper
Wing Command NCO CMSgt Cory Felts
NCO Advisor MSgt Douglas Cordova
Chief of Staff - Support Lt Col Mike Wendlegast
Chief of Staff - Missions Maj Charles (Chuck) Milam
Chaplain Capt William Jenkins
Assistant Wing Chaplain Capt Miriam Ault
Government Relations Adviser 1Lt Karrina York
Government Relations Assistant CMSgt Cory Felts
Health Services Officer Capt Katherin Sproul
Assistant Health Services Officer Maj Richard Murphy
Historian Maj Jill Smith
Assistant Historian Vacant
Diversity Officer Maj Mike Weimer
Director of Cadet Programs Maj Nick Birt
Assistant Director of Cadet Programs Vacant
Cadet Programs Development Officer Vacant
Cadet Activities Officer Vacant
Drug Demand Reduction Administrator Maj Angela Felts
Cadet Advisory Council Advisor Lt Col Karen Hursh
Director of Finance Lt Col Anthony Riegling
Assistant Director of Finance Capt Robert Langley
Finance Committee Col Brian Schmuck (Chairman)
  Lt Col Eric Milles
  Lt Col Mike Wendlegast
  Lt Col Anthony Riegling
  Maj Nick Birt
Legal Officer Lt Col Evan Jones
Assistant Legal Officer Lt Col Jordon Clouse
Director of IT 1st Lt Marvin Bryce
Assistant Information Technology Officer Maj Jack Bennett
Web Security Administrator Maj Jack Bennett
Inspector General Lt Col Tom Schmitt
Assistant Inspector General Maj Michael McGill
Assistant Inspector General - Inspections Maj David Hodge
Assistant Inspector General - Complaints Lt Col Evan Harrod
Director of Logistics Capt Nick Greenman
Supply Vacant
Aircraft Maintenance Officer Maj Evan Jones
Asst. Aircraft Maintenance Officer Vacant
Public Affairs Officer Capt Stacy Foncannon
Public Affairs Assistant-  2nd Lt Katherin Mills
Public Affairs Assistant -  Vacant
Recruiting & Retention Officer 1st Lt Nathan Gooch
Director of Operations Lt Col George Stinson
Assistant Director of Operations Capt Nathan Rover
Operations Assistant Vacant
Standardization/Evaluation Officer Maj Joshua Hunter
Assistant Standardization/Evaluation Officer Capt Stephen Davis
Onboarding Program Officer Vacant
Homeland Security Officer Vacant
Assistant Homeland Security Officer Vacant
Counter Drug Officer Lt Col George Stinson
Count Drug Officer Assistant Vacant
Maintenance Officer Vacant
Balloon Program Manager Lt Col Barry Wright
UAS Program Manager 2nd Lt David Pinella
CAP Orientation Ride Coordinator Lt Col William Hayes
CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management)
CISM Team Chief 1st Lt Robert Langley
CISM Team Member Maj Michael Weimer
Director of Communications Maj Danny Adams
Communications Training Officer Maj Mike McGill & c/Capt Chloe Birt
Communications Licensing Officer Vacant
Communications Supply Officer MSgt Kenny Haydon
Communications Engineering Officer Capt Lyndon Jones
Counterdrug Officer Lt Col George Stinson
Superintendent of Emergency Services CMSgt Cory Felts
Assistant Director of Emergency Services Lt Col Leslie Lewis
Emergency Services Training Officer (Ground) Maj Kurt Schmidt
Emergency Services Training Officer (Ground) Maj Richard Henson
Emergency Services Training Officer (Ground) Maj Ian Burkett
Emergency Services Training Officer (Aircrew) 1st Lt Nicholas Greenman
Emergency Services Training Officer (Support) TSgt Doug Cordova
Emergency Services Training Officer (Aerial Photography) TSgt John Boyden
Disaster Relief Officer Maj Patrick Deem
Assistant Disaster Relief Officer 1st Lt Mark Rowe
Search and Rescue Officer Maj Andrew Miller
Assistant Search and Rescue Officer Capt James Knowles
Personnel Officer Capt Laurie McLaren
Assistant Personnel Officer Lt Col Bob Sobatka
Administrative Officer Capt Laurie McLaren
Assistant Administrative Officer CMSgt Cory Felts
Plans & Programs Officer Lt Col Anthony Riegling
Director of Professional Development Lt Col Michael Bryant
Assistant Director Of Professional Development Vacant
Testing Officer Maj Nick Birt
Assistant Testing Officer Vacant
Director of Safety Lt Col Keith Noe
Assistant Safety Officer Lt Col Greg Judge
Director of Aerospace Education Maj Patrick Deem
External Aerospace Education Vacant
Internal Aerospace Education Maj David Hodge
Cyber Programs Officer Capt Sharon Howarth
KY 502 - Group Two Commander Maj Angela Felts
KY 011 - Commander 1st Lt David Neaveill
KY 057 - Commander 1st Lt Nicholas Greenman
KY 216 - Commander Lt Col Joel Evans
KY 223 - Commander 1st Lt Tammy Vessels
KY 300 - Commander Capt James Knowles
KY 503 - Group Three Commander Maj Mike Weimer
KY 039 - Commander Maj Tonya Steyn
KY 123 - Commander Lt Col Karen Hursh
KY 131 - Commander Lt Col Jordan Clouse
KY 214 - Commander 1st Lt Mike Demarco
KY 504 - Group Four Commander Lt Col Jaimie Henson
KY 050 - Commander 1st Lt Pam Miller
KY 073 - Commander Maj. Steve Warrick
KY 058 - Commander 1st Lt Joe Michelotti
KY 225 - Commander 1st Lt Willard Smith
KY 505 - Group Five Commander Maj Nick Birt
KY 122 - Commander 1st Lt Nicholas Day
KY 221 - Commander Capt Nathan Rover
KY 222 - Commander 1st Lt William von Brandenburg
KY 357 - Commander 1st Lt Nathan Gooch
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