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Major Stephen "Steve" Warrick is honored to serve as the Kentucky Wing (KYWG) Vice Commander. He joined Civil Air Patrol (CAP) in 2017 in the 73rd Senior Squadron (KY073). He dedicated his time to KY073, serving as Deputy Commander and most recently as Commander, from August 2020 to December 2023. Maj. Warrick has significant experience in the Emergency Services mission of CAP and has served in the Aerospace Education and Cadet Programs missions as well.

During his time in CAP, Maj. Warrick has earned qualifications as a Mission Pilot, Mission Scanner, Mission Observer, Airborne Photographer, and has completed Mountain Flying Training. He is training qualified as an Air Operations Branch Director and Mission Staff Assistant. Maj. Warrick serves as a skills trainer and evaluator in his aircrew roles. He has held officer positions in the Specialty Tracks of Health Services, Personnel, Professional
Development/Education & Training, Finance, Emergency Services and Command.

During his CAP tenure, Maj. Warrick has been recognized as the Recruiting and Retention Officer of the Year, Professional Development Officer of the Year, Unit Commander of the Year, and has received a Commander's Commendation for his services as Commander of KY073. During his command term, KY073 was recognized as the KYWG Senior Squadron of the Year 3 years in a row. Maj. Warrick is dedicated to helping members progress through the specialty tracks and to the mentoring of his fellow auxiliary airmen.

Maj. Warrick is proud to continue his volunteer service as the KYWG Vice Commander and to support each member of the Kentucky Wing to reach their individual and collective goals as they progress through their Civil Air Patrol career.

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