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Chief of Staff

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas “Mike” Wendlegast serves as the Kentucky Wing Chief of Staff.  He is responsible for the supervision and mentorship of all headquarters operations and support staff.

Lt Col Wendlegast began his CAP career as a cadet with the Mustang Composite Squadron in 1973 and became an officer in 1976.  He went on to serve three tours commanding squadrons in Kentucky Wing.  He has served as a wing Inspector General, Director of Cadet Programs, Director of Administration, and Director of Personnel. 

Lt Col Wendlegast is a current Incident Commander (level 2), Mission Safety Officer, Ground Branch Director, and Ground Team Leader.  He holds a master rating in 12 occupational specialties including Cadet Programs, Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, Finance, Safety, and Command.  Outside of CAP, Lt Col Wendlegast is retired from Kroger and lives in Louisville, KY with his wife.




1999 AFRCC Search Management Course

2000 National Staff College

2002 Unit Commander’s Course

2011 Executive Safety Course

2011 Senior Inspector General Course

2012 Inspector General College

2020 National Safety Officer College

2021 Wing Commander Seminar


1. Aug 1973 – Nov 1977, Cadet, Mustang Composite Squadron

2. Jul 1974 – Feb 1975, Director of Admin and Personnel, Kentucky Wing

3. Aug 1975 – Jul 1977, Cadet Programs Officer, Group

4. Oct 1990 – May 1993, Logistics Officer, KYANG Cadet Squadron
5. Mar 1993 – Sep 1996, Commander, KYANG Cadet Squadron, Indiana Wing
6. Dec 1999 – Dec 2001, Commander, Louisville Composite Squadron, Kentucky Wing

7. Aug 2004 – Sep 2009, Commander, KYANG Cadet Squadron, Kentucky Wing

7. Nov 2000 – Feb 2012, Director of Plans and Programs, Kentucky Wing

8. Jun 1999 – Feb 2012, Director of Cadet Programs, Kentucky Wing
9. Feb 2012 – Mar 2016, Inspector General, Kentucky Wing
10. Mar 2016 - Present, Chief of Staff, Kentucky Wing


1. 2005-2007, Great Lakes Region Southern Encampment Project Officer

2. 2008-20011, Kentucky Wing Airman/NCO School Project Officer

3. 2009-2011, Great Lakes Region Southern Encampment Project Officer

4. 2011, Host Wing Project Officer, National Conference

5. 2022, Host Wing Project Officer, National Conference


Exceptional Service Award (four awards)
Meritorious Service Award (seven awards)
Commander’s Commendation (nine awards)

Certificate of Recognition for Lifesaving with silver star
Gill Robb Wilson Award

Kentucky Wing Squadron Commander of the Year, 1995

Kentucky Wing Senior Member of the Year, 2002, 2016, 2019, 2021

Great Lakes Region Senor Member of the Year, 2016, 2019, 2021

Civil Air Patrol Inspector General of the Year, 2015

Mayor’s Citation, City of Louisville, KY, 1994

Jefferson County Commission Award, 2001


Lt Col-1995

Major- 1990

Capt- 1985

1st Lt- 1976

Warrant Officer 4- 1974

Warrant Officer 3- 1974

Warrant Officer 1- 1973

(Current as of October 2022)

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