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GLR-KY-999 Kentucky Legislative Squadron Emblem

Kentucky Legislative Squadron Emblem
 (Adopted and Approved 29 NOV 2018)

 The Kentucky Legislative Squadron emblem is of a disc and rocker composition. Chief on the azure disc is the argent dome of the Kentucky State Capitol Building in Frankfort.  It is the long standing symbol of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s center of government.  It stands central to the principals of democracy and elected representation of the citizens of the Commonwealth.

At fess point is the United States Air Force Auxiliary-Civil Air Patrol roundel that features three bands. The first is of dark azure, with an argent band centered on it. Embossed on the argent band is one of gules. Upon the bands of the roundel is the heritage Civil Air Patrol emblem of a dark azure disk, argent triangle, and gules tri-bladed propeller. The roundel connects the squadron to the Civil Air Patrol.

Sinister and dexter of the capitol dome are four or stars, representing the four Civil Air Patrol Core Values; Respect, Integrity, Service, and Excellence.

The lower arch holds the name of the squadron in azure shown as Kentucky Legislative Squadron.  The upper arch cradles the official state motto DEO GRATIAM HABEAMUS in Latin.  Translated into English it reads “Let us be grateful to God” which was adopted by the state legislature in 2006. 

The emblem is bound in or, which represents the trust and values that have been entrusted to the members of Kentucky’s legislative bodies by its citizens, It also connects the unit to the gold standards of  Civil Air Patrol Core Values.

Emblem designed by: Col Darrel Williamson, CAP
Heraldry written by: Col Darrel Williamson, CAP
Approved by: Col Darrel D. Williamson, CAP  KYWG Commander.

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