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GLR-KY-505 Group V Headquarters Emblem

Group V Headquarters Emblem
 (Adopted and Approved 20 JAN 2020 )

 The Group Five Headquarters emblem is of a shield and scroll design.

There are five mountains in vert located in sinister chief. Four of these mountains can easily be seen with the fifth mountain barely visible. This represent that Group V was derived from Group IV. The significance of color of the mountains imply hope, wisdom and youth. In Search and Rescue, hope keeps searchers going when weary and fatigued to find the missing.  Youth refers to the cadets of Civil Air Patrol. Wisdom, in all things, is what we seek.

The or bend dexter is a reminder of the sun. It also stands for honor and excellence.

The azure field in dexter base represents the US Air Force of which Civil Air Patrol is a part. Azure also stands for loyalty, thinking and truth.

In the enhanced dexter base is an argent triangle with a guiles three bladed propeller. The triangle can be traced back to the founding of Civil Air Patrol in WWII and the three bladed propeller stands for the three functions of Civil Air Patrol, Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs and Emergency Services.

The emblem at the base is of an early pioneer, settler, and explorer entering eastern Kentucky over the Appalachian Mountains. The pioneer is looking westward signifying the hope of a new future. The area of eastern Kentucky is the area of Group V.

Emblem designed by: Col Darrel Williamson, CAP
Heraldry written by: Lt Col Leslie Lewis, CAP
Approved by: Col Darrel D. Williamson, CAP  KYWG Commander.

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