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GLR-KY-502 Kentucky Wing Group II Headquarters Emblem Heraldry

GLR-KY-502 Kentucky Wing Group II Headquarters Emblem Heraldry
Adopted and Approved 30 DEC 2018

The Kentucky Group II patch is a shield and scroll design. The patch features one blue field contained in the shield. This field represents the foundation of Civil Air Patrol, its connection to the United States Air Force, the common conviction of our core values, and the accomplishment these missions with honor, and commitment.  Centered in the shield is a tip of a spear, which symbolizes cutting edge training and dedication to defending enlightenment.  The white horse connects us to Kentucky Wing from which this unit is derived.  On the left hand side of the shield is the Civil Air Patrol traditional tri-blade representing the three missions of the United States Air Force Auxiliary-Civil Air Patrol which are: Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs, and Emergency Service. Emanating from the tri-blade are seven golden rays represent the original seven squadrons that make up Group II.  The golden rays which stands vertical toward the sky as a symbol that we will strive to accomplish our missions with knowledge and professionalism.  The rays originate from a single point, the tri-blade, representing the leading and directing nature of this group.  The shield is bonded together by a border of silver, signifying the common bond that all members of the Group II share in brotherhood and sisterhood, as we must stand together to be ready and able to accomplish our mission whatever and whenever it may be.

Emblem Designed and Heraldry written by: Lt Col Michael Bryant, CAP

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