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GLR-KY-300 Southern Kentucky Cadet Squadron Emblem

GLR-KY-300 Southern Kentucky Cadet Squadron Emblem
 (Adopted and Approved 6 May 2015)

The Southern Kentucky Cadet Squadron emblem is of a disk and rocker construction. Central to the emblem features a gules disk enveloped in a ring of or.  The gules disk represents the foundation of the Southern Kentucky Cadet Squadron as a reflection of our heritage colors; silver and ultramarine blue.  It also signifies the life blood sustainment of the cadet squadron without which we would not be able to support our membership.  The or ring surrounding the gules disk reflects the bond of maintaining high standards for the members we serve as well as the trust and confidence that we have in the Civil Air Patrol’s Core Values of Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Volunteer Service. These core values are represented in the colorization of the pure black mountain, ultramarine blue mountain, silver sun with the purity represented by the arctic white surrounding the center disk.

To the forefront of this the Spartan helmet flanked by wings.   The sixteen feathers on the wings represent the original sixteen cadet members of this unit when chartered. The Spartan helmet is symbolic of the leadership and influence of the unit to be a strong and ever present force multiplier across the Kentucky Wing. The arctic white on the left of the faceplate is symbolic of the unit facing south with the sun rising to the east. The crossed swords represent the unit’s willingness to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves. 

The arctic white arrows split on a horizon line represent the separation from out former composite squadron and that both units have separated but continuing on mission.

Held in the upper and lower arcs is the unit’s name, the Southern Kentucky Cadet Squadron printed in arctic white surrounded by ultramarine blue. This symbolizes the purity of heart of the unit’s members while being constantly reminded of who the unit represents.

The disc and rockers are filled in with ultramarine blue.    This ultramarine blue ties us to our parent, the United States Air Force, and their fostering Civil Air Patrol as its official auxiliary.  As the blue sky envelops both the US Air Force and the Civil Air Patrol, the blue surrounding the disc and arcs also demonstrates our joint relationships in the pursuit of air and cyber power and distinguished service to our nation.   

Heraldry approved by: Col Darrel D. Williamson, CAP KYWG Commander, January 24th, 2020
Emblem Designed by: Maj Cory Felts, Commander KY300

Emblem approved by: Col James F. Huggins, CAP KYWG Commander, May 6th, 2015

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