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GLR-KY-223 Owensboro Composite Squadron Emblem

(Approved and Adopted October 23, 2018)

The design of the emblem is of a disc and rocker configuration. The upper rocker holds the words “WE STAND READY” in sable; announcing for all to know that the unit stands ready to answer the call to service no matter the place or time, which is the motto of the squadron.  The lower rocker holds the name of the unit “Owensboro Comp Sqdn” in sable. 

The central disc features the azure gridded globe that signifies the world in which we live, and serve.
Embossed onto the globe is the an azure bridge which is one of the City of Owensboro’s  local landmarks.  It links the squadron with the city as a point of community pride, and bridges the past to the future of not only the City of Owensboro, but the unit as well.

Emblazoned on the globe, and facing dexter, is the bare vert fist that is clutching an or thunderbolt.  These symbols represent the power, strength, and steadfast resolve that the unit displays while accomplishing their missions.  It also reflects of the unit’s nickname as the Flying Thunderbolts.

The argent and sable checkered rings surrounding the globe and bolted fist, reflect the heritage and connection of the community’s WWII history and the nose art that appeared upon the cowls of the P-47 Republic Thunderbolt that was produced in the region. 

Chief and dexter on the globe, is the Civil Air Patrol gules tri-bladed propeller and argent triangle that is long remembered as the heraldic emblem of the CAP.  The gules tri-blade represents the three missions of the Civil Air Patrol; Emergency Service, Aerospace Education, and the Cadet Program.  The blades and triangle are bound in azure; which, ties our organization to the sky and aviation, as well as our unyielding connection as the Auxiliary of the United States Air Force. 

The emblem is bound entirely in or.  As gold is valued for its timeless luster, our unit stands together in exhibiting the Core Values of the Civil Air Patrol; Excellence, Integrity, Respect, and Volunteer Service.  These values provide us with a strong foundation in character, and we are united in the continual pursuit of them in all facets of service. 

Emblem designed by Col Darrel Williamson and Capt Patrick Deem
Heraldry written by Capt Patrick Deem

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