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GLR-KY-073 73rd Senior Squadron Emblem

73rd Senior Squadron  GLR-KY-073 Emblem
 (Adopted and Approved 14 DEC 2020)

The emblem design features a horse representing Kentucky. The horse is centered and prominent in the circular squadron patch shape.  It is designed and displayed in solid yellow color—Air Force yellow, same as the patch framing color.  This color also represents the Goldenrod Kentucky state flower. The horse is intended to be a central feature in the patch design.

The emblem design features a 2D top view shape of a Cessna 172—the aircraft the squadron flies for missions. The plane is another major element of symbolic importance. The propellers are centered to the patch, aligned with the horizon.

The emblem design features a “light cone” item vertically centered; meaning the horizontal line is centered to the patch. This item is intended to symbolize the core activities of the squadron as it relates to search and missions.  (see motto explanation above).

The emblem design features  “ground and sky” elements represented by half circles divided by a horizon line. The colors or the sky, ground and horizon are derived from the Kentucky wing patch design: blue for the sky, red for the ground, and gray for the horizon. The horizon is

The motto is in the upper external concentric arc.   The motto is written in Latin “PARA ET EXSEQUOR” (Prepare and Execute).


Emblem designed by: Maj John Swiecki and SM Claudia Rebola
Heraldry written by: Maj John Sweicki and SM Claudia Rebola
Approved by: Col Darrel D. Williamson, CAP  KYWG Commander.

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