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GLR-KY-057 Bowling Green Senior Squadron Emblem

GLR-KY-057 Bowling Green Senior Squadron Emblem
Adopted and Approved:  9 March 2019

The Bowling Senior Squadron emblem consists of a disc with two rockers with the bottom rocker displaying our unit name, Bowling Green Senior Squadron. Contained in the top rocker is the Civil Air Patrol Motto, Semper Vigilans. Semper Vigilans translated means “Always Vigilant.”  

The disc and rockers are trimmed in black. The black trim stands as a reminder of those who have passed on before us who have served in the Civil Air Patrol with all honor, integrity, and excellence. 

The disc is a solid blue indicating our units love for the sky and future readiness. The disc is spangled with 12 stars. Twelve is the symbolic number of totality, wholeness, and completion. The stars are grouped into two different groups. The first is a group of 5 and the second is a group of 7. These two groupings signify the Bowling Green Senior Squadron’s number designation, GLR-KY-057.  

In the center of the disc is a blue dart with gold trim. The dart represents the 57th’s commitment to Aerospace action and diligence. We are an aviation unit committed to pilot professionalism in aircraft and small Unmanned Aerial Systems. The azure dart represents our inclusion as Airmen in the United States Air Force, and the respect given and received with such a designation. The gold trim on the dart demands our best and our commitment to the Civil Air Patrol’s core values; Integrity, Excellence, Volunteer Service, and Respect.  

In the center of the dart is the Lamp of Knowledge. This lamp showcases the willingness and expectation of those in the 57th to continue their growth through education, training, and mentorship. In the center of the Lamp of Knowledge the Civil Air Patrol tri-blade is revealed. The heraldic Civil Air Patrol red tri-bladed propeller and white triangle that is bound in azure, link our squadron with the wing, region, and national headquarters through our common service to our Communities, Commonwealth, and Nation. Each blade of the propeller represents the three missions ordained by the United States Congress and our commitment to them; Emergency Services, Cadet Programs, and Aerospace Education.  

Finally, supporting the dart, the lamp, and the tri-blade, is the upturned silver horseshoe. The horseshoe on the 57th’s emblem symbolizes the unit’s submission and support for Kentucky Wing, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the United States of America.

Designed by: Col Darrel Williamson, CAP Kentucky Wing Commander
Approved by: Col Darrel Williamson, CAP Kentucky Wing Commander

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