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GLR-KY-039 Louisville Cadet Squadron Emblem

(Adopted and Approved 18 NOV 2022)

The components of this emblem are:

Three fleur de lis, representing the squadron’s connection to the City of Louisville and its namesake, King Louis XVI of France. They also represent the three program areas of Civil Air Patrol; Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs and Emergency Services. Gold was chosen for the fleur de lis in keeping with the color used on the city flag. The fleur de lis are atop symbolic columns representing flight trails or rocket trails, the fleur de lis are meant to be perceived as in flight above the clouds. It also is a representation of the original Louisville Composite Squadron patch, which also had 3 fleur de lis in their patch design.

A Skyhawk is depicted on a white cloud. The Skyhawk name had a long association with the now de-activated KYANG Composite Squadron, which, in turn, was long associated with a Kentucky Air National Guard unit, KY ANG 123 in Louisville. The original patch reflected the base connection, and the unit was known then as “Skyhawk Drivers” Most likely referring to the ANG Aircraft being flown at the time. It was also the unofficial nickname of their Unit Cyber Patriot Team for many years. When the KYANG Composite Squadron was deactivated in March of 2022, many of the members transferred into

the Louisville Cadet Squadron which has taken on a symbolic unofficial responsibility to honor the history of the former KYANG Composite Squadron and include some of it’s history as well, in the new patch as a symbol of unity and the combining of the two Units into one.

The Skyhawk is depicted in its natural colors facing to the front with its wings outstretched, perched on the “CAP charge” (an equilateral triangle argent charged with a three-bladed propeller gules).

Design and Artwork: Major Sharon Howarth, Louisville Cadet Squadron, Design concept Cadet CMSgt Jack Clay, Louisville Cadet Squadron. (Reviewed By Major Bernard J. Wilson, National HQ Senior Heraldry Manager (Office of the National Historian) as part of the design process).

Coordination and Approvals:
Lt Col Karen Hursh, Squadron Commander, Louisville Cadet Squadron
Coordinated through and Second Level of Approval: Kentucky Wing Commander Col Brian Schmuck
Final approval by: Colonel Rose Hunt, Commander, Great Lakes Region

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