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GLR-KY-001 Kentucky Wing Headquarters Squadron Emblem

Kentucky Wing Headquarters Squadron Emblem
 (Adopted and Approved September 1, 2018)

The Kentucky Wing Headquarters Squadron Emblem is of a disk and rocker construction. Central to the emblem features a gules disk enveloped in a ring of or.  The gules disk represents the foundation of the Kentucky Wing as a reflection of our heritage colors.  It also signifies the life blood sustainment of the headquarters squadron without which we would not be able to support our subordinate units.  The or ring surrounding the gules disk reflects the bond of maintaining high standards for the squadrons we serve as well as the trust and confidence that we have in the Civil Air Patrol’s Core Values of Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Volunteer Service. 

Emblazoned on the gules disk is the argent full lunar moon.  It signifies the illumination of the counsel of our staff members who work tirelessly to support our airmen on behalf of the Kentucky Wing.  It also is reflective of the Kentucky Wing’s Moonshine call sign. 

To the forefront of the illuminated argent moon is the rampant argent horse embraced by an upturned horseshoe.   The rampant white horse (dexter) is symbolic of the leadership and the reach of the wing staff to be a strong and never yielding workhorse for the Airmen of the Kentucky Wing.    

The argent upturned horseshoe prominently protects its stead from failure and injury; therefore ensuring its bearer can diligently carry out our support to our airmen and squadrons throughout the Kentucky Wing. 

The heraldic Civil Air Patrol gules tri-bladed propeller and argent triangle that is bound in azure link our headquarters squadron with the wing, region, and national headquarters through our common service to our Communities, Commonwealth, and Nation.

Held in the upper arc is the motto of the Kentucky Wing in azure: Mission First, People Always. This motto reflects the strong belief in that our missions are our focus, but our airmen are members of our family and will always be forefront in our minds.    In the lower arc is the designation of the squadron, also azure, as the Kentucky Wing Headquarters.

The disc and rockers are outlined in azure.    The blue ties us to our parent, the United States Air Force, and their fostering Civil Air Patrol as its official auxiliary.  As the blue sky envelops both the US Air Force and the Civil Air Patrol, the blue surrounding the disc and arcs also demonstrates our joint relationships in the pursuit of air and cyber power and distinguished service to our nation.   

Emblem and Heraldry designed and approved by: Col Darrel D. Williamson, CAP  KYWG Commander.

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