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GLR-KY-000 Kentucky Reserve “Ghost” Squadron Emblem

Kentucky Reserve “Ghost” Squadron Emblem
 (Adopted and Approved 1 Sept 2018)


The Kentucky Wing Reserve Squadron Emblem is a round disc of ore with an outline of a silver horsehead and superimposed historical CAP red prop and triangle.   Below the disk are the unit’s name in gray, KYWG RESERVE SQUADRON.  

The black round disc is representative of calmness and waiting without motion or activity.

The silver outlined horse head signifies the connection to the Kentucky Wing as an auxiliary airman without assignment, but with respect and importance for future assignments.

The historical CAP red propeller and white triangle are superimposed and connected to the silver horsehead to signify those auxiliary airman’s connections to the organization and its missions.  It is placed near the horse’s shoulder representing the organization continuing to carry these auxiliary airmen that are assigned to this unit forward. 

Emblem designed by: Col Darrel Williamson, CAP
Heraldry written by: Col Darrel Williamson, CAP
Approved by: Col Darrel D. Williamson, CAP  KYWG Commander.

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