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KY WG Emblem Heraldry

Kentucky Wing Emblem Heraldry

The Kentucky Wing emblem is of a shield and scroll design.  It features a gules escutcheon reminiscent of the previous Kentucky Wing emblem linking it to the service of our former airmen and the foundation that they forged for the wing today. The gules color is also significance as it identifies with the wing’s cadet program as the life blood of the next generations of our organization.   

Charged on the gules shield is an argent rampant horse dexter, which connects our wing to the Commonwealth of Kentucky as the horse is synonymous with being an icon of the Commonwealth and it’s deeply rooted history with the horse. The horse is argent to signify the purity in the purposes of the Kentucky Wing and its unyielding determination to be a beacon of dependability and ever watchful vigilance.  It is standing rampart and unbridled to signify the Kentucky Wing’s spirit and the urgency in which the wing carries out their missions.

An azure dart is chief and behind the horse’s head to represents the sky. Its prominent placement reflects the importance of fostering aerospace initiatives and honoring our educational mission. The lower angle of the dart represents the upward trajectory of an aircraft taking flight, linking the wing to forward progress and the upward mobility that simulates the growth potential of the organization’s programs.  The upper tangent represents the stability of our relationship as the Auxiliary of the United States Air Force and that of the Great Lakes Region.

The argent outstretched wings are adorned with the azure disk, argent triangle, and gules tri-blade propeller to reflect the rich heritage of the Civil Air Patrol and brought forward from the previous Kentucky Wing emblem to honor our past.  The wings are indicative of flight and our destiny to be linked with aviation, as well as our ever reaching service to our community, state, and nation.  The tri-blade propeller is associated with the three core missions of Civil Air Patrol; Emergency Services, Cadet Programs, and Aerospace Education.  The argent triangle is reminiscent of Civil Air Patrol’s evolution from early Civil Defense efforts. The azure disk also links us to the sky in which we are always looking to for guidance and fulfillment.  

The shield and scroll are bound in or, and represent how we are compelled to uphold the core values of the United States Air Force Auxiliary; Integrity, Excellence, Respect, and Volunteer Service, in conjunction with the unyielding high standards of the Kentucky Wing in all we do.

Emblem designed by Capt Ilse House
Heraldry written by Col Darrel D. Williamson

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